DEMA 2018: Showcasing Underwater Art

Blue Ocean Art took to DEMA 2018 to showcase the best in our catalog of underwater photography prints by Jim Hellemn. This year’s show brought a ton of excitement, with interest from people from many areas of the dive industry, and the chance to keep supporting our partner organizations.

Our booth this year was 40ft x 10ft, our largest yet, and featured 25 large prints of several different materials. Shining as usual were our aluminum prints with high-gloss and matte finishes, our highest-end product. This year, however, we unveiled several new sizes and materials, including canvas prints as a lower-cost alternative to the aluminum. One of the biggest attractions in our booth this year was the custom-made, limited-edition “To Preserve and Restore”, which Jim produced on their most recent deployment to the Florida Keys. The full version of this epic photograph can be viewed at our website!

We supported 4 key groups this year, more than our usual trio. REEF, Coral Restoration Foundation, Force Blue, and the Woman Diver’s Hall of Fame all took home some donations and had the chance to have leaders from their organizations present in our booth at the end of each day.

Originally published at on May 16, 2019.

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