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Marty Snyderman is a film producer, award-winning cinematographer, still photographer, author and speaker specializing in marine wildlife and marine environmental issues. His film "To Be With Sharks" is the second most widely watched premier in the history of Shark Week. His photos have been widely published, including the cover of National Geographic Magazine. As an EMMY award winning cinematographer and film producer, his work has appeared in productions for National Geographic, PBS, BBC, and Discovery Channel.

Marty Snyderman is currently the Marine Life Editor of Dive Training magazine, Senior Editor and columnist for California Diving News and the co-author of a series of apps on underwater photography. In addition, Marty is on the Board of Trustees of Reef Environmental Education Foundation and is an advisor to the Shark Research Institute. Marty has authored nine books, including California Marine Life, Great Shark Adventures, and two coffee table works about marine life.
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